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369 Douglas Road
Whitinsville, MA 01588
Company Profile: 

WOON-TECH “The Future of Fabrication” owes its deep roots in the U.S. Glass Industry to over seven decades of fine craftmanship. Known as a true “boutique” Glass Fabricator, WOON-TECH’s ability to turn out intricate, custom jobs in record lead times has earned it the distinction of being the go-to Glass Company on Architects, Interior Designers and Builders speed dial. Look to WOON-TECH’s designers and team of expert artisans to educate you on the beauty and merits of designing with glass.

Divisons of WOON-TECH include Woonsocket Glass Fabricators, SWOON - Digital In-Glass Printing, WAMMI - Glass Lamination and WOON-U - Continuing Education for the Glass Industry.

WOON-TECH’s sustained success is a testament to the creativity, quality and family values that have defined the company from day one.

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