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8421 Canoga Ave
Canoga Park, CA 91304
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High quality fireplace and heat systems

For over 30 years, Ortal has been known for designing and building luxury frameless gas fireplaces that add life into any living space. Ortal’s fireplaces are planned in accordance with stringent requirements and are certified and approved for use in North America. Ortal’s product line is constantly updated to offer the latest technologies and to set the trends for gas fireplace design and adaptability.

Rediscover luxury with Ortal’s uncompromising quality of materials, rare craftmanship, safety standards, ease of installation and end-to-end service.

Ortal’s fireplaces unique features enable extraordinary flexibility as well as safety and comfort. The Ortal team believes that magnificent homes deserve magnificent fireplaces, that is why they focus on exceeding the expectations of customers and the architectural design industry.

Your Life. Your Fire.


Architects and Designers speak Ortal Fireplaces

Ortal's Fireplaces the centerpiece of home design

Ortal's Fireplaces and Modern Architecture

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modern fireplaces
Add a flair to your home with a statement piece. Literally. Contemporary fireplaces by Ortal heat up your home’s interiors in temperature AND in taste. “Let design drive your decision. Think through what you want to do around the fireplace and how you want to use the room.” – Spencer Lowe of Ortal USA The direct-vent gas fireplaces are created with new fireplace construction technology making it...


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