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1140 Frank Oakes Rd
McComb, MS 39648
Company Profile: 

Modern Mill is an innovative manufacturer based in Fernwood, Mississippi, and the maker of ACRE, a groundbreaking new building material made from upcycled rice hulls in a zero - waste environment. ACRE offers the warmth and beauty of real wood with all the c onveniences of composites. ACRE is available as trim boards, sheet goods, porch boards, decking and siding. Modern Mill’s award - winning product line, ACRE™, offers the conveniences of composites with the warmth and workability of wood. Made from up - cycle d rice hulls in a zero - waste manufacturing facility and is 100% recyclable, ACRE promotes sustainability and circular processes. A pleasure to work with on the job site, ACRE is lightweight and easy to carry, yet strong, rigid, and straight. ACRE works wi th ordinary woodworking tools — requiring no special equipment, training, or experience — and waste is minimal. It can be cut, curved, shaped, and molded to fit countless applications, both exterior and interior. ACRE takes paint and stains without primer. Ref er to our coatings guides for pertinent information. It’s low maintenance and guaranteed to last. Once your project is complete, you can be confident ACRE will stand up to water, weather, and pests for years to come, backed by an industry - leading materials guarantee.