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Kebony Deck Board

The most versatile wood decking profile on the market, Kebony has engineered a profile that can be fastened in four different ways, making it easy to secure surface decking according to your needs without added milling or lead time. Whether you want to fasten through the face of the board, plug, use hidden fasteners or the patented Step-Clip™ for Kebony system, the Kebony Deck Board is ready-to-go.


Kebony Cladding
Kebony is a sustainable alternative to Ipé, and features a 30-year warranty. Kebony Clear cladding is a perfect fit for residential and commercial siding applications. The uniform color will naturally patina over time, like Brazilian hardwoods without the instability and inconsistent color or grain. Kebony cladding also comes with a 30 year rot warranty, ensuring the beauty of your projects for decades to come.