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Alfieri Tree Care

68 Nicoletta's way
Mashpee, MA 02649
(774) 327-8576
Company Profile: 

Alfieri Tree Care

Alfieri Tree Care is a full-service tree and shrub care company based out of Mashpee and serving clients throughout Cape Cod. Specializing in high-end arboriculture and plant and tree health care, ATC is led by owner and ISA Certified Arborist, Ralph Alfieri (NE-7156A). 

Alfieri Tree’s capabilities go beyond those of the typical tree service. They strive to focus on the overall health, maintenance, and preservation of their client’s trees and shrubs, while also recognizing that sometimes trees have to be removed. When removal is necessary, their team is adept at completing safe tree removals using a variety of methods. 

Alfieri Tree Care specializes in the following tree and plant care services:

  Tree Pruning + Trimming | Vista Pruning, Ornamental Pruning + Structural Pruning 

Plant Health Care | Integrated Pest Management, Fruit Tree Programs, Target Applications 

Fertilization + Soil Care | Seasonal, Prescription, Organic Blends, Root Collar Excavation, Soil Amendments 

Insect + Disease Control | Winter Moth + Spongy Moth Caterpillars, Black Turpentine Beetles, Lecanium Scale, Ticks + Mosquitoes 

Cabling + Bracing | Structural Evaluations + Installation of Supplemental Supports for Branches + Stems 

Planting + Transplanting | Installation + Relocation of Large Trees + Shrubs

Tree Removal | Professional + Safe Tree Removal, Hazardous Removals, Aerial Lift + Bucket Truck Access 

Alfieri Tree Care recognizes the investment that property owners make in their trees and landscape. Their team is well-versed in serving the needs of the trees and shrubs on the finest properties throughout the Cape. Clients can trust Alfieri Tree Care’s team of employees to provide high-quality, environmentally conscious, and skillful arboriculture to Cape Cod’s homeowners, condo associations, and businesses. 

Visit Alfieri Tree Care’s website to learn more about their company and services.

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