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Melissa Gulley Interior Design

Company Profile: 

Melissa Gulley Interior Design is a full-service design firm that is proficient in all aspects of the design and construction process—from the seed of an idea to the final placement of a perfect object. The firm is, by admission, “design-obsessed and detail oriented,” with an eye for texture, color, fabrics, finishes and the combined layers that make a space singular and personal.

Principal Melissa Gulley is an active listener who prides herself on getting to know her clients and their families, and then channeling their personalities into pleasing designs that truly feel like home.

While wildly creative, kind and easy-going, Melissa is practical and very serious about organization and functionality, and knows that a well-thought-out plan translates into an ease of living that can have a positive effect on daily life.

The firm also has an unmistakable team mentality and enjoys working collaboratively with architects, builders and tradespeople as well as homeowners.

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