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Eleven Interiors

535 Albany St 4th Fl
Boston, MA 02118
Company Profile: 

Eleven Interiors Logo

Eleven Interiors is a luxury interior design collaborative based in Boston, MA. We’ve completed award winning projects in Boston, its surrounding affluent towns and in numerous locales across the country. We create highly considered, uniquely inviting interior spaces that are tailored to our discerning client’s needs and specific to the project location. This is the ethos that both grounds and elevates our work—and the reason we are referred to again and again. 

As lifestyle enablers we are a team of talented, detail-oriented design professionals creating custom interior environments that speak to who our clients are and how they live in their homes. Our role as designers involves more than just the “pretty things”. Our projects run the gamut from holistic design and decoration to more complex custom builds. We source and curate the full spectrum of furnishings for every project. When relevant, we provide detailed construction drawing sets and specify related materials and finishes. We design holistically, from the big picture to the smallest details, ensuring that everything comes together to make our client's spaces a reflection of how they live, work and play.  

We’ve established and honed our design process over the past 20 years allowing us to design, develop and execute our projects flawlessly. It takes a team of experienced professionals to create these custom interior environments. Our long-term collaborative relationships with talented architects, contractors, specialty craftsmen and vendors translate to an enjoyable experience for our clients and ultimately a successful outcome of their project.

The firm has been published in regional and national interior design magazines. The firm has won awards from IFDA and Prism organizations.