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Koncerted LLC

214 Arlington st
Chelsea, MA 02150
Company Profile: 

Koncerted is rewriting the script on client relations. They understand that in the rapidly evolving world of audio/video technology adaptability is key. Providing 24/7 customer support, remote monitoring and quick-responding servicing is all part of the Koncerted client experience.


No two Koncerted clients are alike. Their team learns all they can about your unique lifestyle and preferences and then act as a trusted advisor, fulfilling your personal wishlist, making everything in your home work precisely as you would like it to. They offer an informed opinion as to which companies they believe are producing the highest quality, most advanced consumer-friendly products. Ultimately they do whatever it takes to help create true harmony through technology in your one-of-a-kind home.


Their unique approach has been recognized by the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies list and their award winning customer service is simply unmatched.


Visit Koncerted to learn more.


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