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60nobscot Custom Furniture

20A Rascally Rabbit Rd
Marstons Mills, MA 02648
Company Profile: 

Ray Bachand's furniture design is guided by the unique character and temperament of each piece of wood. The uniqueness of the grain patterns, the shape and size, the color variations etc. all contribute to how a board will be used. Often defects become attributes and sections that might otherwise be cut out or discarded become spectacular. This allows that each finished piece is indeed unique and can truly be considered one of a kind. 

A mostly self-taught artisan he has attended workshops at The North Bennett Street School and Chair Making Workshops in New Hampshire. He has a background in music with a BA in percussion performance from San Jose State University and has done graduate work at UCLA. His performances ranged from The San Francisco Opera to Dave Brubeck to Frank Zappa to John Cage and he was a faculty member of The Berklee College of Music. After founding, running and then selling a Music Software Company he became impassioned with wood and has never looked back. He is now the proprietor of "60nobscot Custom Furniture” on Cape Cod and is deeply engrossed in the science & philosophy of sliding barn doors.



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Ray Bachand of 60nobscot
“One at a Time, One of a Kind” is how Ray Bachand approaches every piece of furniture he constructs at 60nobscot. Following a career in the music software industry and as a teacher at Berklee College of Music, Bachand is now enjoying a full-time gig in woodworking at his Cape Cod shop. There are more than a few parallels between music and woodworking, says Bachand. Being in a studio is akin to ...