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RCR Richard C. Rigoli & Company Inc.

160 Riverview Avenue
Waltham, MA 02453
(781) 899-0200
Company Profile: 

­­Passion is essential for the execution of great design. No one understands this better than Richard C. Rigoli. His word is as good as his handshake. No surprise then, that he's forged his successful business - Richard C. Rigoli & Co. Inc. of Waltham - as a Master Builder and General Contactor on hundreds of those handshakes, building many of the finest luxury homes in Boston. For 35 years, clients have believed in Rigoli's passion for excellence, his ability to execute great design, and his dedication to teamwork.

You can have faith in his ability as a team leader because Richard Rigoli knows homebuilding takes a concerted effort that brings builder, architect and homeowner together as choreographers of a successful project. This emphasis on teamwork is the key to Rigoli's success, from initial client consultations, to execution of design with the architect, through to the final construction.

His belief in teamwork and his passion for excellence carries through to the craftsmen that Rigoli employs; RCR associates with the most talented subcontractors and artisans in order to fulfill whatever challenge a client may present. If you’re looking for proof of this, look no further than his crew. “In this industry, there are few of us that will tell you that they have employees over 10 years. I’ve got them with me over 25.”

Teamwork and passion come in to play again when the search for the finest materials commences. Rigoli has an unerring eye and insists on authentic materials such as limestone, cement plaster stucco, and exotic and fine woods for millwork. No detail goes unnoticed by Rigoli himself on any element of a large-scale project.

Inside and out - in every detail - Rigoli's passion is unequaled. His handshake is unparalleled and teamwork is paramount. It is the true nature of Richard C. Rigoli & Co. Inc., since his first day in business and always.