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Leone Landscape and Construction

70 River Street, Waltham MA 02453
and 811 Watertown Street
West Newton, MA 02465
Company Profile: 

Driven by their intense passion for high-quality work, Frank and Mike Leone of Leone Landscape Corp. integrate honesty, integrity, and ethics into every aspect of their business. The proof is in the lasting relationships they've developed with their clients, their employees, and with other industry professionals.

The company is known for their ability to deliver entire projects, from soft scape to hardscape, on time, with a detail-oriented focus on quality. They also have extensive experience teaming with some of the most reputable landscape architects, interior designers, architects, and builders to create exceptional custom living spaces conducive to their clients' lifestyles.

Leone Landscape was first established in the late 1960's by Mario Leone. Mario's strong work ethic and dedication provided the platform for his sons Frank and Mike to cultivate the business even further by using modern and innovative techniques. This is an organization that has successfully married big company capabilities with small company service. 


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