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Colin Smith Architecture

1666 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02420
Company Profile: 

Colin Smith Architecture

Colin Smith Architecture Inc. (CSA) is a team of focused designers committed to creating artful and memorable places.  CSA has devoted a significant portion of its time and talent to creating high end custom homes as well as renovating historic properties.

Our ability to work within traditional and modern forms of architecture & interiors strengthens our sensibilities as designers.  Our design process is a system of evaluation; we are motivated through understanding the inherent properties of a place, materiality and our client’s needs.  At the same time we act as storytellers, weaving the built environment with our client’s thoughts and memories to create places to enrich their experience. 

We are passionate about employing our craft to create functional & beautiful space while seamlessly integrating the landscape, architecture and interiors.  We are avid problem solvers who strive to coordinate all aspects of building design with the project team.  We share our experience and bring objectivity & creativity to bear in solving complex issues with the entire project team.  As such, we find solutions that hold value to our clients, the needs they reflect and craft beautiful spaces.  This is critical to our mission as designers.

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