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Wine Cellars We Love

Wine cellars don't have to be an afterthought. We've compiled some of our favorite wine cellars, from rustic to modern to eclectic. 

Below, a gorgeous wine cellar by Charles River Wine Cellars. The intricate woodwork provides ample storage space, and thoughtfully-placed lighting lets you display your favorite wines for view. The cellar has a home-y feel with a stone countertop and tile flooring. 

Charles River Cellars

Charles River Wine Cellars

The cellar below, also by Charles River Wine Cellars, comes complete with a tasting room with rugged stone walls and a warm wooden ceiling. It's the perfect moody location to sample your favorite wines. 

Charles River Wine Cellars

Charles River Wine Cellars, Photo by Warren Patterson

SLC Interiors has created a rustic, Medieval-inspired wine cellar complete with a metal hanging chandelier and long, dark wooden dining-style table. The sconce lighting on the wall add to the dark, sophisticated vibe.

SLC Wine Cellar

SLC Interiors

Roomscapes Luxury Design Center creates a rustic wine cellar with a Tuscan flair. The beautiful painting depicts the Tuscan hills of Italy, and the wine barrels and light-colored tiles and brick evoke a warm climate.


Roomscapes Luxury Design Center

For a more modern approach, Adolfo Perez Architect installed black-framed glass doors, whose sleek design lead into the dark cellar perfectly. The black walls, floors, and ceiling create a darkly glamorous feel.

Architecture by Adolfo Perez Architect

Charles River Wine Cellars has taken a different approach to the contemporary cellar with the light and bright design below. Sliding glass doors separate the wine from the living space, and light wood provides a warm but decidedly lighter palette.

Charles River

Charles River Wine Cellars

LDa Architecture & Interiors puts a fun twist on the classic wine cellar by adding a brightly colored bar! The eclectic pendant lamps and red tile mosaic make this wine cellar feel like a trendy urban bar. 

LDa Architecture & Interiors

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Which wine cellar style do you like best?

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