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Wine Storage

Wine bottles in wine refrigerator

Enhancing your wine collection and your home

Fine wines and beautiful homes often go together. So it’s no surprise that Sub-Zero, the world’s leader in food and beverage preservation, offers wine storage that not only protects your wine collection but also enhances the beauty (and value) of your home. No need to hide your fine wines away in a cellar when they can become a design statement in the space you love.


Flexibility Leads to Perfection
Choose from freestanding, built-in, column or undercounter designs and protect 46 to 147 bottles of wine in a single unit. Select from 18”, 24” or 30” widths. Wrap your wine collection in the clean look of stainless steel or custom panels to coordinate with your existing cabinetry. These options allow you to tuck a small wine selection in any corner or make your passion for wine a bold statement in your kitchen, dining area or family room.

Preserving What Matters
Through superior grade materials, advanced technologies and a 70-year tradition of American craftsmanship, Sub-Zero has engineered wine storage to defeat the enemies of wine – heat, humidity, vibration and light—and make sure that you’ll always enjoy every bit of taste that the vintner intended.

Wine bottles in wine refrigerator

Excessive heat and unstable temperatures harm wine. However, Sub-Zero maintains each wine’s preferred cool habitat in independent zones, ensuring that both red and white can be served at their optimal temperatures. Too little moisture in the air makes corks dry and shrink, causing wine to oxidize. Too much and both corks and labels may peel and rot. Sub-Zero’s dual evaporators–one for each storage zone—maintain steady, moderate humidity. Mechanical vibration can damage delicate wines, such as pinot noir. Sub-Zero’s quiet compressor lets wines rest undisturbed. Bottles are cradled in rustproof, coated-steel shelves that glide smoothly in and out for easy access without vibration. And finally, light can affect the aging of wine, especially the invisible ultraviolet light that can penetrate wine bottles. Sub-Zero’s UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass shields wine to preserve it’s good taste.

modern french kitchen

Stunning Looks and Exquisite Taste
While Sub-Zero wine storage can be added to a room at any time, planning it into your kitchen, family room or master suite remodeling project from the beginning will open unlimited possibilities. The best way to explore all of your Sub-Zero Wine Storage options in person, is to visit a Clarke Showroom in Massachusetts or Connecticut. As Sub-Zero’s Official Showroom, Clarke offers expert consultants to help you curate just the right combination of storage capacity and design finesse to make this purchase one of your favorites ever.  

master closet with wine refrigerator

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