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Sunday Baking: Family Approved Recipes

No-Knead Bread, recipe by Sullivan Street Bakery

BDG Publisher Melanie Perillo has long been singing the praises of Sullivan Street Bakery’s No-Knead Bread, pictured above. It is one of the most popular recipes The Times has published, and with good reason. As it has just a few ingredients, it is easy to prepare; it just requires a bit of time for the dough to rest and rise. Melanie often tosses in cranberries and nuts as well, for another alternative.

Click here for the recipe, and a video.

Pudding “Lasagna”

This no-bake recipe is more about assembly than baking, and fun for children to prepare. It’s super simple to make and a favorite of Sudbury Design Group’s office manager Irene Gaudet's oldest son.

Layer graham cracker squares with chocolate or your favorite flavor of pudding (cooked pudding is best) and whipped cream or cool whip and repeat “lasagna style”. Enjoy!

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Snow and Jones’ Showroom Administrator Christie Edgren shared America's Test Kitchen recipe for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies. Edgren and her family are always on the hunt for a delicious cookie recipe, and she and her brood tried them to find that they were indeed pretty perfect! “They were nice and crisp, and chewy in the middle,” says Edgren, just as the baking pros billed.

Click here for the recipe and to see a video.


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