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Summer Inspired Bathroom Styles


Shaker-style vanity (Ceramic/Impressions sink; Margaux faucet; Tresham vanity; Margaux sconce)

Do you have that irresistible beach-home that is steps from the water yet craves the ocean feel for itself? Or do you long for your suspenseful summer retreats and wish to live in that atmosphere every day? No matter what your reasoning is, these brilliant beachy bathrooms boast with desire for salt-watered hair and toes in the sand. Find these exquisite Kohler products at Splash Kitchen and Bath Showroom

Nantucket Prep Bathroom

This bathroom design captures the New England coastal living charm to a tee. The windows’ natural light reflects off the exposed white beams and ceiling, while subtle grays allow for the traditional early American design to shine.

(left: Choreograph shower wall; Levity shower door; Tresham shower base; Tresham toilet; Tresham vanity; right: Choreograph shower barre and Shower Locker; Margaux showerhead)

Custom shower walls are highlighted depending on your choice of lighter or darker wall paint.

(left: Artifacts shower sidebar and handshower; Margaux showerhead and valve trim; right: Ceramic/Impressions sink; Margaux faucet)

These Vibrant Brushed Bronze finishes add tasteful contrast to the room’s gentle color tones.

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Sun Bleached Bathroom

On the other hand, you may be into more of a laid-back beach-house vibe with a successful blend of luxury and casual living. A white-on-white palette can be warmed with bare woods and bronze faucets, while texture is captured with marble surroundings.

(Verdera mirros; Bancroft sconces; Artifacts faucet with prong handles; Derring design on Carillon silk; Marabou vanity with drawers on right and left connected by a lap drawer; Underscore air bath)

This bathroom fulfills the ultimate spa paradise ambiance. With the beach-house style simplicity right in your home, you will feel as if you are always on vacation.

(right: Rainhead showerhead; Choreograph shower wall kit and storage shelves; Bellwether shower base; left: Underscore Bubblemassage air bath; Artifacts bath sprout and handles)

As if you haven’t relaxed enough all day at the beach, coming home to soak in this spa-worthy tub with gently massaging air bubbles should nearly be considered living as royalty. Or option number two: cleanse in the tidiest of showers with personalized WaterTile bodysprays.

(Verdera mirrors; Bancroft sconces; Artifacts faucet with prong handles; Derring design on Carillon sink; Marabou vanity with drawers on right and left connected by a lap drawer)

Twin furniture-style vanities embrace vintage style faucets with a ripple-textured, handcrafted sink. Again, this beach-styled all-white room holds bronze accents that add hints of richness to the room.

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