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Spend a Third of Your Lifetime on the World’s Finest Beds

The Organic Mattress

Vispring Europa Luxury Mattress

Your favorite hello and hardest goodbye: your mattress. We all can attest that having a good night's sleep is crucial for functioning at our best throughout the day. Since we spend about one-third of our lives asleep, it is imperative that we spend this time comfortably and productively. Sleep needs varies across the board depending on one's health and lifestyle. Regardless, meeting the goals below will ensure you'll be productive, happy and healthy overall.

National Sleep Foundation Recommended Hours of Sleep Chart
National Sleep Foundation Recommended Hours of Sleep Chart

Meet the Vispring luxury bed collection. It will be simply impossible to think of life before the Vispring mattress that revives the pep in your step after a well-rested night. Renowned worldwide, these mattresses transform the quality of your sleep with specially made Vanadium steel springs combined with the softest fillings including Shetland wool, silk, and cashmere. Available at The Organic Mattress.

There is no wonder why Vispring is known throughout the world as the leader in luxury beds. They have perfected the art of combining flawless ratios of pocketed springs, soft mattress fillings and premium fabrics to construct every individual bed. You'll feel like royalty with customized treatment like this.

The Organic Mattress | Vi-Spring Enclosing
Vispring Enclosing

Vispring is one of the only bed manufacturers that makes their own springs; nearly unchanged since 1901. The perfect balance of strength and softness allows the bed to conform to your every movement providing constant support. Using Vanadium steel ensures that the mattress retains its strength and suppleness longer than mattresses with springs made from the average carbon steel. In fact, Vispring's master craftsmen create mattresses with single, double and triple layers of pocketed springs. You can even specify your preferred spring tension (Soft, Medium, Firm or Extra Firm) with the option of having different spring tensions on each side of your mattress so it's perfectly tailored to your and your partner's needs.

Sublime Superb Mattress Cut

Vispring beds generally include more fillings than most other beds, and they are passionate about using only the finest, renewable materials including Shetland wool, Platinum Certified British fleece wool, soft silk, warm cashmere, springy horsehair, strong coir and supple bamboo. Just, wow! Each spring is pocketed in pure calico while flax twine is used for hand stitching for strength.

The Organic Mattress | Vi-Spring Hand Side Stitching
Vispring Hand Side Stitching

A glimpse at the finest natural materials that Vispring uses:

Cashmere. For ultimate softness and feel of luxury

Flax. A long, durable twine used for hand side stitching

Mohair. A fine wool-like fiber from the Angora goat, durable and insulating

Wool. 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool considered the best in the world

Silk. One of the most prized textile fibers in the world bringing warmth in the winter and comfort in the summer

Horsehair. The longest of the natural fibers prized for its springiness

Coir. A coconut’s tough fibers found between the husk and outer shell renowed for its durability

Cotton. Long-fiber cotton for breathability and absorbency

Calico. A strong and open weave of the pure cotton to house each spring and enable airflow

Cotton Cambric. An extremely tight weave to prevent unwanted percolation of fibers

The Organic Mattress | Vi-Spring Hand Nesting
Vispring Hand Nesting

Still not sold? Take a peek at the benefits of just the pure Shetland wool used by Vispring…

  • Wool is hygienic and anti-allergenic unlike typical synthetic foam; repelling bacteria, mold, mildew and allergens.
  • The material sustains temperature control by responding to body temperatures.
  • The mattresses provide ultimate breathability and comfort with natural ventilation. Wool is able to absorb 30% of its weight in moisture without possessing dampness. It’s also 10% more absorbent than the average synthetic materials.
  • No chemicals are used in construction making the material a natural fire retardant.
  • Unlike any other bed maker, typical Vispring mattresses contain wool from at least four high-quality, full fleeces certified by the British Wool Marketing Board.
  • Last but not least, the wool is produced with a traditional process that abstains from causing any harm to the sheep.


The Organic Mattress | Vi-Spring Classic Superb Undressed
Vispring Classic Superb Undressed

Lastly, all this luxury and supreme comfort comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. They will repair or replace your mattress should it fail due to faulty materials or  workmanship for the lifetime of your mattress.

The Organic Mattress
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