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Is It Possible to Have a Pool by Summer?

Inground gunite pool by SSG Pools

As New Englanders look ahead to summer, holding out hope that the current health care pandemic loosens its grip, homeowners have a lot of questions. Many are likely wondering how they can make the most of their own backyards, and what they can do to take family fun and recreation into their own hands.

We reached out to the experts at SSG Pools, Massachusetts and New Hampshire’s top gunite pool builder with over 45 years in the business—and over 10,000 pools to its credit—to ask the question: Is it possible to put in an in-ground pool by this summer? Barring unforeseen circumstances (and haven’t we had enough of those?), the answer is yes. Though you are probably looking at a July or August opening. Timeline does depend on the complexity of your pool design, says SSG’s team of design and construction experts. Time, of course, is of the essence. If you’re looking to dive in this summer, homeowners should contact SSG as soon as possible to get the process started.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, the staff at SSG Pools had to adjust to a new way of working, but, as an essential business, their in-house pool crews are currently working hard to complete outdoor oases for residents, following the proper safety protocol.

This begs the next question: How Much Does a Gunite Pool Cost? Well, considering “that no two in-ground pools are alike,” this varies considerably, but, generally speaking, you can count on an investment ranging from $50,000-150,000, explains the firm. You first have to ask yourself what you want from your swimming pool. Are you looking for a family fun park and splash zone, or a simple pool for exercise and relaxation?

Grotto style inground pool by SSG Pools

The cost varies considerably from “a basic starting point to an ultimate luxury,” maintains SSG Pools. “Installing a pool is all about understanding what you want and having a realistic budget based on those desires.”

Click here to read further and for a more in-depth analysis of the costs, considerations and must-follow advice (like getting an extensive warranty program!), courtesy of SSG Pools.  

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