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Eyes Up

Bedroom with ceiling wallpaper based on a Moroccan tile roof

Wallpaper can make a wow-statement when its used on the ceiling.
Check out how these wallpapered ceilings add another design dimension to enjoy.

Donna ElleBedroom with ceiling wallpaper and flower chandelier

This delicate blue and white Schumacher wallpaper features a wavy trellis pattern and botanical motifs adding warmth and light, creating a cohesive space that dazzles when illuminated by the chandelier.

Designer: Donna Elle,
Photography by Read McKendree/JBSA

Robin GannonLiving area with ceiling wallpaper

In this spacious living area, the eye is drawn upward to a dazzling Schumacher wallcovering based on a Moroccan tile motif.

Designer: Robin Gannon,
​Photography by Michael J. Lee

Lindsay BentisBedroom with ceiling wallpaper based on a Moroccan tile roof

In soothing tones of green and gray, this dreamy bedroom was fashioned as a cozy retreat, with cloud patterned wallpaper that ascends to the ceiling, complete with a star-shaped light fixture.

Designer: Lindsay Bentis,