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Clear Advantage: Western Window Systems harnesses the power of aluminum

Western Window Systems' Series 7000 Performance Line

Lovers of contemporary home design, an architectural style quickly gaining traction here in the Northeast, should consider inviting aluminum doors and windows into the home. The versatile metal is an optimal choice for the boundary-defying glass expanses with minimal sightlines that have become a mainstay of ultramodern architecture. Aluminum’s clean-lined good looks are a natural for today’s cutting-edge designs, and completely customizable for both size and style, with finishes available in a variety of textures and colors.

The outdoors comes in with Western Window Systems' Series 7000 Performance Line

Photos courtesy of Western Window Systems

Aluminum’s beauty is matched by its brawn; due to its inherent strength (which can be bolstered with steel if additional strength is needed), it is a powerful and durable choice for windows and doors. This durability also makes it a practical choice, as it saves homeowners maintenance costs over the long term. Looking for energy efficiency? Aluminum can be configured to meet the strictest of energy codes, and when thermally broken with an insulating strip in the frame, aluminum windows and doors can prevent conductive thermal energy loss.

Western Window Systems, the luxury window and door innovator out of Phoenix, Arizona, harnesses the many merits of aluminum with its Series 7000 Performance Line, and further enhances its benefits with state-of-the-art technology and designs. This revolutionary and decidedly picturesque product family of moving glass walls, windows and specialty doors beautifully blurs the lines between indoors and out.

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