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Beauty & Brawn: Turada Hardwood Shingles

Turada Hardwood Shingles by Tropical Timberwoods

With over 50 years of experience, Tropical Timberwoods Inc. is an industry leader in the production and distribution of tropical hardwoods and the leading importer and exclusive provider of Turada Hardwood Shingles – a beautiful choice for real wood roofing without chemical preservatives.

Turada Hardwood Shingles by Tropical Timberwoods

Turada Hardwood Shingles are valued by home professionals worldwide for their classic, rustic look and unequaled durability. In fact, the product bears the distinction of being the only wood shingle allowed on the Texas coast due to their Category 5 hurricane wind protection and unparalleled fire resistance rating. Turada Hardwood Shingles are also naturally resistant to decay and insect activity and can last up to 50 years without maintenance, making the material a worthwhile investment.Turada Hardwood Shingles by Tropical TimberwoodsTurada Hardwood Shingles are made from wallaba wood, a dense tropical hardwood harvested in the forests of South America. Unlike traditional cedar shingles that lose color over time, wallaba shingles transform from a radiant reddish-brown into a stunning silver hue.Turada Hardwood Shingles made from wallaba wood At Tropical Timberwoods, giving back is part of the culture. The company has helped employ over 150 indigenous workers, and contributes directly to the sustainable livelihoods in the communities where they harvest. In fact,  their Guyana plant gives away thousands of dollars daily in wallaba ends that select villagers – mainly women – in Yarrowkabra use for their successful coal burning business. Tropical TImberwoods has made it its mission to provide quality services and products at the best possible value, all the while supporting environmentally sustainable practices.Turada Hardwood Shingles made from wallaba wood

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