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4 Interior Design Tips from Anthony Catalfano

Anthony Catalfano

Clients who work with interior designer Anthony Catalfano of Anthony Catalfano Interiors know that he has no shortage of inspired ideas and fabulous design solutions up his cuff-linked sleeve. From architectural details and woodwork to fabrics, furnishings and accessories, the creative well he draws from is seemingly endless. And, while he considers each client, project and/or home individually, he is happy to share a few universal design truths we can all follow....

Notice the special. After years of minimalism and eliminating everything, collections are coming back.

Invest in art. Something can be priceless or the work of an up-and-comer. “Buy things that are classic and timeless.” If you don’t have an art collection, develop one. I’m happy to walk my clients through it; I want people to learn and get the things that look beautiful for them and pleasing for them.

Change things up. Instead of putting the dishes in a cabinet, use them. I once did a Nantucket project where I plastered a lot of my grandmother’s crazy dishes—they had reticulated edges and depictions of fruit—on the wall alongside a fabric that had hand-painted fruits and flowers. The dishes weren’t fabulously expensive, but they looked like a million bucks when it was done.

Set your own trend. Use simple things and recreate them—whether it’s taking something that is so simple and adding a twist or making it look like something unbelievable.

Pictured with sales associate Meghan Lawlor reviewing fabrics at Cowtan & Tout in the Boston Design Center. Photography by Roger Pelissier

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