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Sleek Selections

Newton Kitchens & Design showroom

Newton Kitchens & Design uses unconventional materials to create wow-factor.

Ostrich, cowhide, leather, and metal are just a few of the exotic materials co-owner and designer of Newton Kitchens & Design, Pierre Matta, incorporates in his work. Matta and his wife Tricia, along with their small team, combine luxury with functionality to create handcrafted cabinetry and furniture manufactured locally in Massachusetts.

Matta’s passion for the contemporary encourages him to experiment and explore with various materials, textures, and styles. Inspired by his clients and their homes, Matta slowly transitioned from traditional into doing more contemporary and sleek designs.

Newton Kitchens & Design showroom

Matta incorporates edge into his style and provides his clients with unique one-of-a-kind designs. Working with some clients on multiple projects for 20 years, he is given more creative freedom to design something unique to his client’s tastes that they feel proud in and want to show off.  “To me, when a customer comes back and loves what I did for them and wants to use me again, that’s what’s most important,” says Matta.

As an artist, Matta is constantly trying to broaden his design ability. He is motivated by other creatives, getting inspired by their work and then adding his own twist. “I always feel like I need to come up with something new that will be appealing for clients,” says Matta. “I’m constantly searching for different materials and things that aren’t mainstream.”

Newton Kitchens & Design showroom

While their showroom features all styles of cabinetry, Matta has a particular passion for incorporating modern kitchens into traditional homes by using raw and natural finishes to help marry the old with the new. “What inspires me is showing clients that I can create something for them that is unique but also goes with their home,” says Matta.

Newton Kitchens & Design showroom

Bird’s eye maple veneer, quilted maple, walnut burls, and high-gloss lacquer finishes give Matta’s work depth and a creative edge. He experiments with recycled aluminum, stainless steel, and glass to produce exclusive designs. “I enjoy the creative side of the process and I enjoy the look on my client’s face when I bring them a new idea,” says Matta. “The trust they have in me to create something on my own for them is hands down the most gratifying thing in what I do.”

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