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New Selections from Overseas at Boston Rug Company

Hand-made high-end Oriental rugs

If you’re in the market for a new rug, your timing is perfect. Bahman Kimiachi, President of the Boston Rug Company, has just returned from a three-week overseas trip to source the latest designs, color combinations and styles in rugs for his Brookline-based store.

Domotex Rug exhibit, trends and designs in high-end rugs

Domotex exhibition 

His first stop was in Hannover, Germany, for the Domotex exhibition, which, says Bahman, is the “biggest rug show in the world.” As Domotex is the leading trade fair for floor coverings, Bahman was privy to the latest fashions and designs in handmade rugs as well as machine-made textiles that “are so beautiful and well made” you can hardly tell the difference, he shares.

Domotex event, high-end rug designs and trends

Domotex exhibition 

Top influencers and 1400 exhibitors were on hand representing 60 countries, and Bahman selected new rugs from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan to add to his already impressive inventory here in Boston.

Domotex event, high-end rug designs and trends

Domotex exhibition 

Bahman then traveled to Iran, where he met with small shop owners and handpicked some unforgettable Persian rugs to bring back to this continent and share with Boston homeowners and interior designers.

Bahman Kimiachi meets with rug shop owners in Iran

Boston Rug Company's Bahman Kimiachi meets with the owners of a small rug shop in Iran.

Hand making an Oriental rug

The art of hand weaving a rug

Bahman was impressed by the rich, jewel tones of the rugs he admired and reports that “color is back,” replacing the pastels that have been in vogue in recent years. He also found that there is a return to traditional designs over the abstract.

High-end Oriental rugs in Boston

As Bahman was raised in a country where some of the finest rugs in the world are made and has over 30 years in the rug industry, he’s developed quite an eye for extraordinary hand knotted wovens and Orientals. But don't take our word for it—stop in to Boston Rug Company to see his most recent discoveries—new rugs are arriving by container every day.

high-end Oriental rugs in Boston

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