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Red homes

Red is a powerful color to use in your home. It's a bold, statement color that can be used as an accent piece or the exterior color of your home.

Red & Black

Mixing red and black is a stimulating and eye-catching color combination. The colors both compliment each other and work well with other decorations and colors in the room.


(Fallon Custom Homes & Renovations Inc.)

Accent Pieces

Using red as an accent piece gives a bright touch to any room. If a room seems to missing some character, add a red pillow or table to create a new feel.

(Interior Design by Carter & Company)


Don't be afraid to cover the entire room with red. Red can be used in different textures and patterns.

(Interior Design by Kotzen Interiors, LLP; Photography by Sam Gray)

Different Tones

Red has many different shades. Similar colors can be used in the same way to give a bright, bold effect.


(Home Integration by Creative Systems; Interior Design by Fury Design; Photography by Don Pearse Photographers, Inc.)


Typically we see exteriors with red brick, but these stripes make a bold statement to compliment the home's modern build.


(Architectural Openings)

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