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In God’s Gardens
Posted Jul 9 at 10:35 AM in News by Jen Harvey
  (Ode to the Master Gardeners of the World)   In God’s Gardens, the Master Gardeners of the world Have planted every horticultural variety within every horticultural species of every horticultural family Under the supervision of Mother Nature using her magnificent divine designs.   In God’s Gardens, the nightly nurturing thunderstorms diminish at daybreak The glorious morning sunrise illuminates...
Festive 4th of July Decorations
Posted Jul 1 at 12:23 PM in News by Melanie Perillo
Clothespin Wreath This project is easy and so patriotic. Simply get a wire wreath, clothespins, paint, and glue and you're good to go. For more detailed instructions, check out   When celebrating a major occasion, decorating properly is the key to success. This Independence Day focus on using our nations colors everywhere, keeping in mind that mixing your use of solids and...
4th of July Inspirations: What's Cookin'?
Posted Jun 30 at 2:39 PM in News by Melanie Perillo
Grilled Cilantro-Lime Corn on the Cob Recipe: Combine 1 stick butter, 1 cup cilantro leaves, lemon juice, 2-3 cloves garlic, 1 teaspoon paprika, 1/2 teaspoon chili powder, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne, & salt/pepper in food processor. Leave a single layer of leaves on the corn and soak 20 minutes prior to grilling. Then remove remaining leaves and brush corn liberally with marinade from food...
Summer Event Guide 2015
Posted Jun 23 at 1:05 PM in News by Anonymous
Photo by Annelie Looking for antique markets, shows, and sales this summer? We’ve compiled a list of can’t-miss events in the New England area.   Antique Appraisal Night in Coventry, CT – June 26, 2015 Located at the Nathan Hale Homestead at 2299 South Street in Coventry, Connecticut, this evening is perfect for those wondering the worth of their antiques. Bring photos or the items themselves to...
Boston-Based Women Launch Locally-Sourced Vayda Girl Headband Company
Posted Jun 4 at 4:06 PM in News by Anonymous
If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Vayda Girl Headbands, one of Boston's newest and most compelling local companies. Vayda Girl is a headband company that was launched by Audrey and Jessica, who left their full-time jobs to pursue this passion of theirs. They wanted to create headbands that were comfortable, versatile, and fashionable but also sustainable, local, and handmade.    Their...
Height of Luxury
Posted Jun 2 at 11:23 AM in News by Anonymous
Looking for a summer abode to rent on Martha's Vineyard? This gorgeous modern home was designed by Patrick Ahearn Architect, and is available to rent on a weekly basis this season. The stunning home features 7 bedrooms, each with a fireplace, private patio, and private bathroom. The carriage house offers a children's loft that sleeps 8. To top it off, this home has an outdoor kitchen, pool, hot...
Powers Gallery Introduces "The Horse Show"
Posted May 14 at 2:36 PM in News by Anonymous
A. Dacey, "Ms. Ferrara and Peaches," oil/canvas Stop by the Powers Gallery in Acton, Massachusetts this weekend for their new show opening, "The Horse Show." This exhibit will feature work by Harley Bartlett, Alastair Dacey, and Sam Vokey. Their beautiful paintings depict an affection for our equine companions.    S. Vokey, "Ride to the Top," (detail) oil/canvas H. Bartlett, "After the Ride," (...
An Afternoon with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Posted May 12 at 11:31 AM in News by Anonymous
Mitchell and Bob, pictured here in their Natick Signature Store Last week, the web editing team at Boston Design Guide were lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams in their newly opened Signature Store in Natick. Below, a few questions with the iconic "Kings of Comfort."   BDG: What aspect of this new Signature Store are you most excited about? MGBW: I love the...
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Sole Inspiration
Posted Apr 29 at 1:25 PM in News by Anonymous
  Have you seen the interior of the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams storage pieces? Every drawer in their storage piece collection is adorned with a luxurious red lacquer, in the spirit of the iconic Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes. This small detail adds a level of luxury and intrigue to the pieces.  Below, their Portia dresser, pictured with the red lacquer drawer interior. To see more of...
Boston Marathon Experience
Posted Apr 22 at 11:38 AM in News by Anonymous
We spoke with Brendon Giblin, Owner of Brendon Properties, about his experience running the Boston Marathon this year.    BDG: How was the race? What was the overall experience like? Giblin: The experience was great!  The weather conditions were very tough but added to the challenge. BDG: What was your time? Giblin: My time was 4:49 I believe. BDG: How do you train for this? Giblin: I was not...