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Passion for the Build

WKP Construction strives to get the job done right with precision, fine craftsmanship, and dedicated teamwork.

“WKP Construction doesn’t just build homes, we solve for longevity. We build homes that are designed to be cherished and lived in, truly lived in, for generations to come.” says Wade K. Paquin, whose Newport, Rhode Island-based firm, WKP Construction recently marked its 20th year in business. “If a client comes to us with a challenging request, all the better. We love experimenting with new materials, leveraging the knowledge of our tradesmen, creating innovative solutions and elevating our expertise overall.”

overhead view of custom home with a pool and a water view

Photo by George Gray

Ensuring that a home is built to its highest quality with meticulous attention to detail can sometimes be a long process, but the end result makes it well worth it, says Paquin.  “Just as we appreciate and marvel over a fine cuisine, hand-crafted furniture, high fashion clothing—all of these things are in part luxurious and valued because of the time, attention and thoughtfulness spent creating them. I’m a firm believer that great things take time. And since a home is one of the biggest investments most people make, this has always just resonated with me.”


Paquin has been on construction job sites since he was a two-year-old when he would accompany his father, a home builder and designer, on jobs in the Boston area. He started framing when he was 12 and continued working on his father’s construction sites through college. After graduation from Construction Management at Roger Williams University, Paquin did a stint working for a large commercial construction firm, but he missed the residential side and launched his own business. “I was a one-man-show for the first few years, building during the day and doing paperwork at night,” recalls Paquin. 

large white tub with a chair next to it and open window

Eventually, his hard work paid off, resulting in contracts for large, high-end homes and a robust, growing team. “I learned over the years that I had to get out of my own way and let go of the reins a little,” says Paquin. “I had to hire people to help the company grow and delegate responsibilities.” 

view of custom home from the back

According to Paquin, the little details matter a lot. “My project managers and subcontractors know that I’m a stickler for the most minute details. I push everyone to give each task their all and then some. I suppose I like to think that perfection exists in home building. That mentality is simply part of our culture.”

All photography by Warren Jagger unless noted

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