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CLARKE's Fresh Freight Farm Celebrates First Harvest

Clarke debuts its Hydroponic Container Farm

Exemplifying kitchen industry innovation yet again, Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen, has invested in a 40-foot self-contained hydroponic farm outside of its Milford, Mass. location and celebrates its debut harvest today. The container farm, a corrugated shipping container in which farmer Francesca Mazzilli has been planting and cultivating crops for the past eight weeks, demonstrates the importance of fresh food as part of a healthy lifestyle. Mazzilli’s first harvest includes a lettuce mix, mint, parsley, thyme, Swiss chard, mixed radishes, red veined sorrel, sorbet mix viola and arugula.

Clarke debuts the first harvest of its Hydroponic Container Farm

Launching their “Live Deliciously” initiative, Clarke seeks to remind members of the design community and homeowners alike what kitchens truly are meant for—sharing and enjoying fresh, delicious meals. Clarke’s exciting new enterprise, built by Freight Farms, an innovative Boston-based company launched in 2010, allows every showroom visitor to go home with a gift of fresh butter bibb lettuce. Also, fresh produce (preserved in Sub-Zero refrigerators, naturally) from the farm is used by the Clarke Culinary Team for cooking demonstrations, events and daily tastings in all three of their showroom locations (Boston’s Seaport, Milford, Mass., and South Norwalk, Conn.).

Clarke's Bibb butter lettuce

Sean Clarke, president of the family-owned environmentally conscious company, jumped at the chance to be involved in this fresh food initiative. “When I learned about Freight Farms, I could think of no better way to exemplify the Sub-Zero and Wolf mission of superior food preservation and preparation than launching a year-round Freight Farm right here,” he said. “As New Englanders, we crave fresh food year-round and many of our own employees can’t wait to get back into their gardens each year. Now we will have fresh produce all year round to cook with in our showrooms and share with customers and employees.”

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