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Behind the Scenes: RootCellar Concepts

Don Lake of RootCellar reviews custom designs

Insights from founders Don Lake and Paul DeLorenzo of RootCellar Concepts

1. What is a RootCellar?

RootCellar® takes the concept of a commercial walk-in refrigerator and refines the design for residential kitchens. We’ve customized a pocket door to blend with any kitchen design and our highly efficient cooling technology lets you create a complete food storage system for your home—no separate fridge and freezer required. Just walk into your RootCellar® and grab what you need for a quick breakfast, family dinner, or to bring out the party platters and chilled microbrews for your guests.

RootCellar - custom walk-in refrigerator

RootCellar is ideal for homeowners looking to build or remodel their kitchen to reflect the way they really live, cook, and entertain. We’ve changed the way people shop and organize, with plenty of space for stocking up on everything from subscription service meals to bulk cooking staples and snacks for the kids. With everything in one place, you’ll find hosting easier—and more rewarding—than ever before. 

Don Lake, co-founder of RootCellar works on custom door    

2. How much space will I need?

We design every RootCellar to fit perfectly into your home. No two projects are alike, so it’s difficult to answer this question without seeing your space. However, we do suggest a minimum footprint of 7’ by 8’ to allow for design elements like the freezer bay and automatic door. Most of our clients find that 8’ by 10’ is ideal for a cooler/freezer combination, but we can make your RootCellar® as large as you like!

Remember, adding a RootCellar will allow you to eliminate your refrigerator, saving space in other parts of the kitchen. For best results, please contact us early in your planning process so we can work with your designer to maximize storage space.

3. I’ve seen RootCellar Concepts refrigerated pantries in a wide variety of kitchens, and each one is different. Is it challenging to build a custom product for every homeowner?

We’re privileged to work with many talented and creative design professionals, and we love seeing what they come up with! Most homeowners find that our refrigerated pantry is quite easy to incorporate into their kitchen design because we’ve developed it to be a chameleon of sorts. The only visible element is the automatic, hands-free door, which can be fashioned to achieve any artistic vision. We’ve seen designers match cabinetry or make them stand out with materials like stainless steel, brass, and glass. The only limit is your imagination.

Paul DeLorenzo and Don Lake of RootCellar

4. How do you keep up with changing trends in kitchen design?

Simplicity is at the heart of RootCellar Concepts. We blend right in with current preferences for airy, open kitchens and pantry living. RootCellar can streamline your kitchen layout and, thanks to spacious shelving, you can find anything you need, the moment you need it. And, of course, the ability to customize your RootCellar door to match any décor makes it easy for our refrigerated pantries to complement your favorite design elements.

5. Is RootCellar the wave of the future? Will it be in every new home?  

We're always a little suspicious whenever we hear a product described in sensational terms like that. On the other hand, we often find ourselves using words like “revolutionary” and “life-changing” to describe RootCellar — because those are the words our customers use. Everyone knows what it's like to stand in front of their refrigerator with the door open, searching shelf by shelf and shuffling items around to find something hidden in the back. Repeat this ritual three times a day for each meal, and you’re at peak inefficiency. RootCellar gives people back their time and creates a much more relaxing space in the kitchen. And as the center of the home, the kitchen really sets the tone for how you live.




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