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Behind-the-Scenes Design with Nantucket Culinary Center

Nantucket Interior Design

Bringing the culinary arts to the heart of the island’s historic district, the 1850s building on Federal Street was acquired by Remain Nantucket and leased to Joy and Greg Margolis. The building required a complete repair with an addition to the kitchen and dining room due to its existing condition. Nantucket Looms’ design team of Liz Winship and Mary Beth Ferro worked closely with the architects and contractors. This collaboration would blend the historic integrity of the neighborhood with the practical, code-driven requirements of a multi-functional space for learning cooking and, yes of course, eating.

Interior design on Nantucket and New England
Photo by Barbara Clarke

The Looms’ “cottage style” design trademark was used to re-craft the ground floor café, first floor demonstration kitchen/event space and second floor culinary school and dining room. Colors, textures and lighting styles compliment the three floors with varying functions accompanied with inspiration driven by Nantucket’s unique land and seascape.

High end professionals in design on Nantucket and New England
Photo by Barbara Clarke

A statement glass staircase to connect the first and second floors was incorporated as the centerpieces of the design scheme to open the building with lighting. Glass risers and side panels are complemented by the gray wash over reclaimed oak treads and handrails.

Corner Table Café

Design professionals in New England
Photo by Barbara Clarke

The Corner Table Café combined muted hues mimicking Nantucket’s natural land and seascape with local favorites, like Nantucket Red. Rip Tide Finishes painted the decorative walls with cream, gold and silver colors surrounding the wood from the original building.

Nantucket Cape Cod Islands Design Professionals
Photo by Barbara Clarke

Demonstration Kitchen

Kitchen island design in New England

Photo by Barbara Clarke

The large center island works as the focal point in the kitchen with luscious sapphire blue and a glow casting from the lighting below.

Home professional design Nantucket
Photo by Barbara Clarke

Action Kitchen

custom chandelier display antique copper pans
Photo by Barbara Clarke

The custom chandelier on the second floor is made of seeded glass cylinders to compliment the sconces found throughout the building. A display of antique copper pans adorns the grey wall.

High end home kitchen design and construction
Photo by Barbara Clarke

A light green palette was chosen for the walls to keep the space bright and full of light. Housefitters assisted with the selection of cabinetry, tile and appliance.

Luxury kitchen design in New England
Photo by Barbara Clarke

Dining Room

An intricate acoustical ceiling panel was designed to ensure that noise levels would not distract the rest of the building. The panels are covered with a metallic acoustical fabric, which balances the workspace sound.

High end living design style in New England
Decorative painting by Rip Tide Finishes; Photo by Barbara Clarke

The pale pink Venetian plaster walls and warm brown custom paneling with a silver finish bring a touch of elegance to the dining room. A cork floor is featured to help control the sound during multiple events taking place.

Island bathroom design and paintingNantucket Culinary Center, bathroom design, mural painting Bathrooms with custom mural wallpaper by Audrey Sterk; Photo by Barbara Clarke