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Inspiring Projects

Makeover Monday, Boston Kitchen Remodel
Posted Dec 12 at 12:30 PM in Inspiring Projects by carly stewart
Wilson Kelsey Design Inc. took on the challenge of transforming a 100-year-old kitchen in the South Shore of Boston. The homeowner wanted a luxury kitchen that conveys a sense of gracious living, though the room was equipped with an extremely low ceiling. They specifically desired a space that could be used with their family and friends to gather, socialize and do homework. BEFORE The original...
Modern Home Custom Build
Posted Dec 8 at 10:35 AM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
An Insider’s Tour of a Modern, Family-Friendly Home with Kevin Lagassé of The Lagassé Group. Life and raising a family can breed chaos. In a striking new construction, The Lagassé Group has crafted the antidote: an impeccable, modern sanctuary that unites purity and form with function. Kevin Lagassé, Executive Vice President of The Lagassé Group, explains: “The homeowners needed a space that was...
Home stone and tile kitchen
Posted Dec 6 at 10:23 AM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
If you’re looking to truly elevate a space, there is arguably no single design element that adds impact and beauty like stone and tile. And with the exquisite array of materials on the market today, there are countless ways to up the wow factor in your kitchen, bath, living room or foyer. We’ve sourced today’s most coveted treatments and enlisted some of the area’s leading authorities in natural...
Architecture Cottage Home Remodel
Posted Dec 5 at 10:33 AM in Inspiring Projects by Jen Harvey
How do you retain the charm and warmth of a lakeside cottage while adapting it for a modern family? That was the task for architect Peter Haig, AIA, of Architectural Design when it came to transforming a small, homey space into a considerably larger home suitable for a 21st-century family. Haig, whose Canadian upbringing instilled in him a love for the cottage aesthetic, was inspired by the...
Photo courtesy of Deborah Paine
Posted Nov 22 at 10:42 AM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
There’s no place like the heart of the home for the holidays. Architectural Kitchens; interior design by Anthony Catalfano Interiors; built by Kenneth Vona Construction; photo by Richard Mandelkorn The turkey has been roasting in the oven for hours. The aroma fills the kitchen, mingling with the scent of sage and stuffing, and sweet freshly baked pies. Outside, there’s a chill in the air that...
Watch a Stunning New England Mansion Project from Start to Finish
Posted Nov 14 at 4:44 PM in Inspiring Projects, News by carly stewart
A Family Compound - Vision on a Hill.Take a visual tour of this New England mansion and the construction process from the beginning to completion. Video of Family Compound - Vision on a Hill - Episode 1 Soderholm Custom Builders discusses their latest project, an impressive residence in a Boston suburb with a sweeping view of the city skyline. Video of Family Compound - Vision on a Hill...
Boston Garage custom garage solutions
Posted Nov 7 at 3:56 PM in Inspiring Projects by Jen Harvey
It’s always a great time to have your garage finished. Boston Garage specializes in luxury garage enhancements. Based on your lifestyle and style preferences, Boston Garage provides customized solutions for garages to maximize every inch of space. (Above: In these before and after photos, a major garage makeover project was complete at an oceanfront house in Cape Cod. Boston Garage installed...
Craig Alan Art
Posted Nov 2 at 2:00 PM in Inspiring Projects by Jen Harvey
The Populus, Figurative Series by Craig Alan Art is an amazing visualization of artwork brought to life through paintings. Each painting from a distance is a portrait of a celebrity – but when you look closely you see that each detail is a unique person. Whether it’s a person riding a bicycle or a box head man, you can’t help but be amazed at the details. Alan’s inspiration behind the series...
Master Bath Calm Retreat
Posted Oct 31 at 11:27 AM in Inspiring Projects, Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Say Spaaaahhhh! Master baths have become calming retreats; how to get the look. Slice up the cucumber, steep that herbal tea and infuse your ice water with fresh fruit, because today’s master baths rival the designs of the most luxurious day spas. Homeowners and bath professionals are invoking a “serenity now” mentality and crafting calming, clean-lined retreats for bathroom suites. These...
JW Construction
Posted Oct 30 at 5:00 PM in Inspiring Projects by Anonymous
When it comes to restoring New England’s Historic Treasures, Jon Wardwell, President of JW Construction, Inc. says his greatest challenge is “trying to make everything new look old again.” Currently topping Wardwell’s list of recently completed “dream” restorations is a turn-of-the-century private residence that sits high on a bluff overlooking the harbor in Chatham, Massachusetts. Aptly called...