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ZEN Associates' Beautiful, Sustainable, and Low-Maintenance Lincoln Lawn

Spring is officially here, and for many of us, our thoughts will likely turn toward the lawn and landscape and all of the work that must be done in order to keep it looking beautiful. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a space that requires little to no maintenance?

Landscape Architects ZEN Associates recently blogged about one of their suburban lawn projects. Lincoln, Massachusetts, where this project site is located, is known for its deep roots in the American Revolution, but also for being a location that takes a progressive approach to land preservation and the rural aesthetic.




ZEN Associates writes:

"For this project, we worked with our client to develop a plan that would include lots of color and texture all year long, while requiring little maintenance throughout the year. In order to accomplish the goal, we removed the entire lawn and replaced it with a beautiful arrangement of New England fieldstone walls, arbors, ornamental grasses, and large boulders. We incorporated lots of native plant species, as well as low water-need plants, to completely eliminate the need for an irrigation system. We also included pervious pavers, which allow water to shed through to irrigate the landscape.

"To set the aesthetical tone of the lawn, we reused Fieldstone that was already on the site in combination with split granite to set up a series of dynamic freestanding walls, which helped delineate the new spaces. We also included a natural log trellis to create a terrace that can be used for outdoor dining and social activities. The boulders were specifically arranged to help anchor the garden, as well as provide visual interest during winter.



"As you can see from the photos above, the “Lincoln lawn,� as we call it, proves that a sustainable landscape can just as beautiful as any other meticulously planned lawn."

For more images of this project, take a look at the ZEN Associates blog.

Are you interested in transforming your lawn into a beautiful and sustainable landscape? Contact ZEN Associates today at 800-834-6654 to learn how they can create a sustainable lawn specifically for your landscape.


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