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Sitting Pretty

Built in window seat along bay window overlooking the water

Window seats with a view.

What better place to relax than at a window seat positioned by a beautiful vista? Check out these perfectly placed window seats.

Barbara Kotzen (above)
Overlooking the ocean, this rounded window seat is filled with natural light and accentuated by pops of blue and green.
Designer: Barbara Kotzen,
Builder: JW Construction
Photography by Richard Mandelkorn

Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design

Window seat in bedroom with a view of the water

The window seat in this bedroom is complete with drawers below, adding functionality to the tranquil space with coastal views.

Designer: Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design,
Architect: Hutker Architects
Photography by Eric Roth

Foley Fiore

Window seat in NYC bedroom with a view of Central Park

Looking over Central Park in New York City and suspended by steel supports to stay in place, this window seat is a perfect private retreat.

Architect: Foley Fiore Architecture,
Photography by Ellen McDermott

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Bedroom window seat with custom cabinets below and overlooking the water

Overlooking the water, this window seat is part perch part storage bench.  When the sun goes down, the woven chandelier ensures the spot is still illuminated.  

Architect: LDa Architecture & Interiors,
Interior Design: Kennerknecht Design Group
Photography by Sean Litchfield