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In-ground Pool & Spa Makeover

Pool building and restoring

Murky and unenticing, this outdoor pool and spa was in dire need of an overhaul—its plaster and coping had deteriorated badly over the course of 20 years. South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas Inc. (SSG), which has built high quality pools throughout the New England area for over 40 years, was happy to give it the attention and help it required.

Pool building and restoring

The team checked and updated the pool’s filtration system, and gave it new plaster, redbrick coping and azure-blue tile. They also installed a new heater, allowing the integrated hot tub to warm up in a half hour’s time, a decided improvement.

Now, the pool is sparkling and splash-ready and a highlight of its Massachusetts landscape, though SSG Vice President Mason Guarino contends that it’s all in a day’s work. “We do about 50 of these a year,” shares Guarino. That doesn’t make the transformation any less stunning, however, even if it is the company’s standard operating procedure.

Guarino has an important tip for residents looking to do pool cleanup on their own: Always call a professional before you drain your pool. If you drain the pool the wrong way, it can pop right out of the terrain, and literally “float like a boat,” he says. To drain it the right way, it needs to be carefully maintained and monitored. If not, you can ruin your pool.

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