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Crown Point Cabinetry Takes Manhattan

High-end inset custom cabinetry by Crown Point Cabinetry

A Manhattan homeowner first fell in love with Crown Point Cabinetry at NYC’s Home Show. It was there that she met Tedd LeBlanc of Crown Point Design/Sales and caught sight of the cabinetry that would complete the vision of her town house’s upcoming kitchen renovation. Her dream kitchen wouldn’t come to fruition until eight years later, but when it did it would include Crown Point Cabinetry. 

For starters, the homeowner felt she owed it to LeBlanc, who dutifully checked in every so often during the postponement, and willingly shared his expertise at every point in the process. The larger reason, however, was that she loved the look of Crown Point’s extra thick inset cabinetry; it would beautifully complete her aesthetic, a flawless mix of the classic and contemporary. “I’ve always been a fan of old British kitchens,” says the homeowner, and a devotee of the farmhouse style. Crown Point’s fresh-as-cream Shaker panel cabinetry strikes the perfect balance—it’s both timeless and of-the-moment—and stretches clear to the ceiling. French doors and skylights cast light on custom windows within the cabinets, while elegant brass hardware by P.E. Guerin provides an extra bit of polish. 

High-end custom NYC kitchen with inset Crown Point Cabinetry

Being a city kitchen, the design needed to be as smart as it is stunning. The drawers are extra deep and there are space savers throughout—like trays that slide out to reveal staples like Tupperware lids, and sky-high storage. The dishwasher is housed under the non-seating side of the center island, which is crowned with Carrara marble, and “everything modern is hidden by custom paneling” for a seamless look.

As vegans, the residents are forever slicing and dicing produce, so a butcher-block built-in counter sits alongside the La Cornue stove (a gorgeous splurge!). After veggies are chopped, they go straight to the pan, while peelings are tossed into a pullout garbage receptacle under the cutting board. 

High-end inset custom cabinetry by Crown Point Cabinetry

Every detail—aesthetic and functional—was considered, and the team, including architect Walter Radtke, contractor Martin Watters of Watters Construction, Inc. and kitchen designer Jennifer Huestis of Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC, together with Crown Point Cabinetry, delivered a well-loved (and well-used) kitchen with a hint of farmhouse chic and a New York state of mind.

Photos courtesy of Crown Point Cabinetry

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