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10 Perfect Dining Rooms for Entertaining

10 Perfect Dining Rooms for Entertaining

Oak Hill Architects

During the holiday season, the dining room takes center stage as the heart of the home. Now is the time to take full advantage of this often-underused room to entertain family and friends. Here are 10 beautiful dining rooms that will inspire you to make the most of this space. 

You can't go wrong with a traditional, formal dining room. Oak Hill Architects designed the space below, and we love the classical influences like the decorative moldings, crystal chandeliers, and sturdy oak furniture.


Jan Gleysteen Architects takes a similar approach, with an Oriental rug, grasscloth walls and chandelier. The space feels inviting on its own, and we can only imagine how wonderful festive garland and decor would look. 

10 Perfect Dining Rooms for Entertainment

Jan Gleysteen Architects, photo by Richard Mandelkorn

This space by Patrick Ahearn Architect mixes patterns, colors and personal accents for full effect, and the result is a space that feels curated but not busy. 

10 Perfect Dining Rooms for Entertainment

Patrick Ahearn Architect

The dining room below is traditional in style with refined, modern accents - the eclectic hanging spheres, gilded drapery and gold accents give the space an of-the-moment twist. 

10 Perfect Dining Rooms for Entertainment

Meyer & Meyer Architecture & Interiors

A darker, dramatic dining space by Cutting Edge Homes uses metallic accents and unexpected patterns in a traditional setting for a unique look. 

Dining Rooms for Holiday Entertaining

Cutting Edge Homes

White walls with black accents and clean lines make for a decidedly modern feel in this space by LDa Architecture & Interiors. Carefully chosen accents and decor stand out against the more uniform color palette. 

10 Perfect Dining Rooms for Entertainment

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Foley Fiore takes a modern approach with the kitchen/dining space below. A modern dining room lets a few curated pieces stand out - below, the red dining chairs and hanging square lamps make a statement. 

10 Perfect Dining Rooms for Entertainment

Foley Fiore Architecture

An all-white dining room is another classic approach. This space by SLC Interiors is elegant and timeless, with plenty of room for holiday decor.

SLC Interiors

Catherine & McClure Interiors creates an expansive, elegant space in warm shades of white, cream and beige. We love this room's dreamy feel - a stunning vantage point for watching the first snow.

Dining Rooms for Holiday Entertaining

Catherine & McClure Interiors

Finally, this dining space by brookes + hill is wonderful in its French country cottage simplicity. We love the rustic chic feel of this space.

brookes + hill Custom Builders

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