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Trends in the Kitchen

Crown Point Cabinetry, Kitchen Trends

From timeless materials making a comeback to innovative appliance solutions topping the charts, the future of kitchen design is now! Here are a few of the latest kitchen trends that will simply never go out of style.

Stained Wood Cabinetry - Crown Point Cabinetry

When it comes to cabinetry, stained wood is making a triumphant return. The timeless allure of rift cut oak is especially popular for its rich, organic character. Crown Point Cabinetry offers an exquisite rift cut white oak in their Crown Point line, and rift cut red oak is available in their Crown Select line.

Crown Point Cabinetry, Kitchen TrendsAmong their other trending offerings, the Fineline door style, exclusively available in the Crown Point line, embodies a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Crown Point Cabinetry, Kitchen Trends

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Refrigerated Pantries - RootCellar Concepts

The RootCellar—a well-appointed walk-in refrigerated pantry and freezer—boasts an array of practical benefits, including flexible storage solutions, a wholly visible food supply, video-monitored stock levels, the capacity to handle large platters & bulk items all in one place and more. While the functionality of a RootCellar is captivating, its ability to blend into any kitchen style is a huge plus. 

rootcellar concepts, Stowe VT, refrigerated pantry, kitchen design(Photography: Sean Litchfield)

What makes it so easy to integrate the RootCellar into the design is its patented, hands-free pocket door built to match existing cabinetry or complement other kitchen design elements, making it a designer’s dream. In this warm and rustic Vermont kitchen, the RootCellar door exterior features the same warm wood panels of the cabinetry and trim crafted from the rough-cut wood seen throughout the entire home. Without large, stainless steel refrigeration appliances interrupting the flow, there is a sense of serenity that reflects the surrounding nature of the home.

rootcellar concepts, Stowe VT, refrigerated pantry(Photography: Sean Litchfield)

While no two RootCellar doors are the same, even more possibilities abound with the interior design. From ceilings and flooring, to shelving and hardware, every aspect of the inside of the RootCellar is customizable. Large black limestone tile paired with a dark grout creates a monochromatic look, complementing the home’s abundance of natural stone. The sleek look is carried throughout the ceiling and freezer space, and features easy-to-clean floating glass shelving.

rootcellar concepts, Stowe VT, refrigerated pantry, kitchen design(Photography: Sean Litchfield)

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Appliance Trends - KAM Appliances

KAM Appliances are appliance experts, and they gave us the inside scoop on the top kitchen appliance trends they are seeing right now. Here’s their top 5!

KAM Appliances, Kitchen trends

(Photography: Jared Kuzia)

1. Smart Appliances

One of the most significant trends in kitchen appliances is the integration of smart technology. Smart appliances allow homeowners to control and monitor their kitchen devices remotely, making cooking and managing tasks more efficient. From refrigerators with built-in cameras to ovens that can be controlled through smartphone apps, smart appliances are making our lives easier and more convenient.

2. Energy Efficiency

With the change in building code and the increased focus on sustainability, energy-efficient appliances are gaining popularity. Energy Star-rated appliances not only help reduce energy consumption but also save on utility bills. From energy-efficient refrigerators and dishwashers to induction cooktops and convection ovens, these appliances are designed to minimize environmental impact without compromising performance.

3. Minimalist and Sleek Designs

Kitchen appliances are no longer just functional; they are now considered design elements that enhance the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. Sleek and minimalist designs with clean lines and hidden controls are on the rise. Stainless steel appliances continue to be a popular choice, but custom colors, matte black and custom paneling options are also gaining traction, allowing homeowners to create a cohesive kitchen space that reflects their own personal style.

4. Multi-functionality

In today's fast-paced world, multitasking is essential, and kitchen appliances are adapting to this need. Multi-functional appliances, such as combination ovens that can bake, steam, and microwave, are becoming increasingly popular. These appliances save space and offer convenience by combining multiple functions into a single device.

5. Smart Storage Solutions

Efficient storage is crucial in any kitchen, and appliance manufacturers are introducing innovative storage solutions. From refrigerators with adjustable shelves and door-in-door compartments to dishwashers with customizable racks, these appliances maximize storage space and offer flexibility to accommodate various items.

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