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Smart Technology, Bathroom Edition!

Smart Technology in the Bathroom, Bathroom Technology, Supply New England

Smart technology isn't just revolutionizing living rooms and offices; it's also transforming bathrooms into modern spa experiences. From intelligent shower systems that allow for precise control of temperature and flow to smart toilets and bidets that offer personalized comfort, the integration of smart technology is revolutionizing the bathroom experience. With features like voice control, app connectivity, and automation, these smart devices not only enhance convenience. They can elevate your everyday routine to a whole new level of luxury, comfort and efficiency.

Luxurious LED Mirrors: Monique's Bath Showroom

Monique's Bath Showroom, LED Mirror, Smart Bathroom Technology(Photography: John Moss)

Amazing lighting can transform the bathroom sink area into a true vanity space. Adding an LED mirror has a multitude of benefits beyond a gorgeous and clear view for doing skincare or applying makeup. Many LED mirrors come with space-saving features such as wall-mounted options or built-in storage. This can help declutter your vanity area and create a more organized and efficient station for getting ready.

Monique's Bath Showroom, LED Mirror, Smart Bathroom Technology

(Photography: John Moss)

With adjustable lighting settings, it’s easy to find the perfect glow for whatever task is on the docket! LED lighting is also the closest you can get to natural light, so there are no surprises when you step out into the world. These LED mirrors from Monique’s Bath Showroom are a perfect option. Learn more and shop with Monique's Bath Showroom here.

Brilliant Bidets and Smart Steam Showers: Splash Spritzo

The Numi 2.0

splash spritzo, numi 2.0, smart bathroom technologyKohler’s latest innovation in toilet technology sets a new standard for personalization. The Numi 2.0 features customizable settings that cater to your exact preferences, from ambient colored lighting and a built-in audio speaker system, to a heated seat with hands-free opening and closing. It even features LED lighting for night visibility, motion-activated seat and cover operation, and an automatic deodorization system. The Numi 2.0 is truly the bidet of the future! Learn more and shop with Splash Spritzo here.

The ThermaSol Steam

Splash ThermaSol

Bringing an in-home spa experience in the bathroom is more accessible than ever with new advancements in technology. With a steam shower that has all the bells and whistles, there is no need to leave the house for a spa day!

The Wellness Steam Package available at Splash Spritzo offers an all-encompassing steam shower experience, combining the best of ThermaSol’s product line. This includes your choice of smart control (ThermaTouch or SignaTouch), rainhead (HydroVive or Serenity), and SteamVection steamhead. Soothing and rejuvenating, the Wellness Steam Package blends luxury with cutting-edge technology to create an incredible shower experience. Learn more and shop with Splash Spritzo here.

Immersive Soaking Tubs and Digital Showers: Supply New England

The Stillness Infinity Tub

Smart Technology in the Bathroom, Bathroom Technology, Supply New EnglandThis stunning and smart soaking tub is the ultimate relaxation destination that lets you have your very own infinity pool inside your bathroom. As water cascades over Japanese Hinoki wood drainage, integral lumbar support offers unparalleled comfort—plus, the tub maintains warmth up to 104°F! This tub boasts next-level possibilities with its Experience Tower, with programmable fog, chromatherapy lighting and aromatherapy that create an immersive experience. PerfectFill™ technology and remote-operated convenience fills the bath automatically to the perfect temperature. With ambient LED lighting, bathing gets a major upgrade, transforming the daily task into a serene ritual that you can look forward to. Learn more and shop with Supply New England's KOHLER Signature Store here.

The Anthem + Digital Shower

Smart Technology in the Bathroom, Bathroom Technology, Supply New EnglandThe Anthem + Digital Shower System from Kohler combines luxury and smart technology to transform your shower into a personalized oasis, where the sophisticated system puts you in complete control. You can easily adjust the temperature, flow, and even add steam across multiple outlets with just a touch. Plus, there's an eco-friendly option to save water without sacrificing comfort. Connect it to the KOHLER Konnect® app for even more customization, like preset temperatures and water-saving settings.  You can even start the shower remotely to ensure it's ready for you at the perfect time.  Whether you're upgrading your morning routine or creating a spa-like retreat, the Anthem Digital Shower system offers a personalized experience. Learn more and shop with Supply New England's KOHLER Signature Store here.



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