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Smart Bath Upgrades from Supply New England

Smart Technology in the Bathroom, Bathroom Technology, Supply New England

In an era where technology seamlessly integrates into every facet of our lives, the sanctity of the bathroom is no exception. Kohler stands at the forefront, leading the charge with innovations that transform our most private spaces into havens of smart luxury. From touchless faucets to toilets & mirrors that talk, Kohler’s smart home products are redefining personal care. Let’s dive into Kohler’s latest suite of innovative and smart products shaping the future of shower and bathing.

CINQ Filtered Shower Head

Bad hair day? Your shower water might be the culprit. Filtered water is becoming a crucial element in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Experience the essence of purity in your daily ritual with Kohler's Cinq Filtered Shower Head. Designed for the discerning bather, this beautifully constructed shower head transforms your shower into a space of wellness. CINQ's Revolutionary five-layer filtration system with activated charcoal significantly reduces chlorine, chemicals, and scale, for a shower experience that revitalizes your skin and hair. CINQ’s meticulously optimized face and full coverage spray ensure an efficient, enveloping cleanse, elevating your shower routine to an indulgent and healthful experience.

Smart Technology in the Bathroom, Bathroom Technology, Supply New England

SpaViva Hand Shower with all-in-one cleansing device

Enjoy the perfect spa experience with Kohler's SpaViva hand shower, a clever fusion of luxury and innovation. This dual-function hand shower includes the warmth-retaining Katalyst spray for a drenching experience and MicroBubblespray for deep pore cleansing. The center-docking cleansing devices are rechargeable and boast four versatile attachments for a customizable spa experience at your fingertips. Rejuvenate tired muscles with the body massager, exfoliate dead skin with the natural stone scrubber, and achieve gentle deep pore cleansing with the facial and body brush. When combined, SpaViva transforms everyday bathing into a full-body pampering session.

Smart Technology in the Bathroom, Bathroom Technology, Supply New England

Anthem + Digital Shower

Have you ever wanted to experience a carwash in your own shower? Kohler’s Anthem + Digital Shower System is where luxury meets smart technology to deliver just that. This sleek system gives you unparalleled control over your showering experience, allowing you to adjust temperature, flow, and even steam across up to 12 outlets with a simple touch. Embrace eco-friendly bathing with optional eco mode, conserving water without compromising on comfort. Pair it with the KOHLER Konnect® app for a shower that's customized just for you, from preset temperatures to water-saving options. Yes, you can also start your shower before stepping foot into the bathroom. Whether you're looking to upgrade your morning routine, or design the perfect spa-like retreat, the Anthem Digital Shower system is your key to a personalized bathing oasis. Dive into the future of showering with Kohler.

Smart Technology in the Bathroom, Bathroom Technology, Supply New England

Stillness Infinity Experience

Discover the epitome of relaxation with Kohler’s Stillness Infinity Experience Soaking Tub, where design meets unparalleled luxury. This freestanding marvel is a centerpiece, offering the ultimate in bathing luxury. Immerse yourself in the infinity pool with integral lumbar support for ultimate comfort, as water cascades over Japanese Hinoki wood, maintaining warmth up to 104°F. Elevate your senses with the Experience Tower, allowing programmable fog, chromatherapy lighting and aromatherapy. Enjoy the simplicity of PerfectFill™ technology and remote-operated convenience as the bath fills automatically to your desired temperature, complemented by ambient LED lighting. Transform your bathing ritual into a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury. The Stillness Tub isn’t just an addition to your bathroom; it’s an upgrade to your lifestyle.

Smart Technology in the Bathroom, Bathroom Technology, Supply New England

Kohler continues to be the leader in design and luxury with its innovative bathroom fixtures. The combination of technology with the bathroom experience offers unique ways to elevate your daily routine into a luxurious, personalized spa experience. These amazing products promise not only an upgrade to your bathroom, but a revolution in how you indulge in self-care, making every day an opportunity for tranquility and rejuvenation.

If you have any questions about any KOHLER products mentioned above, please reach out to me via email.

Patrick Guiteau

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