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Navigating the Nuances of Lighting Technology with System 7

System 7 Experience Center

If you ask Gerard Lynch what he considers the most transformational event in smart home technology over the last few years, he won’t hesitate to answer. It’s the evolution of lighting into a technology product.

“Today, lighting technology is the heart of the smart home,” Lynch explains. “Lighting can now replicate natural light and the sun itself. It can bring the feel of the outdoors inside. It can impact your mood and be tuned to feel just right and just a little bit different each and every day.”

System 7 Experience Center

Navigating the nuances of lighting technology – lumen output, color temperature, dimming performance, and controls – is a daily occurrence at System 7, the technology design firm that Lynch founded in 2003. System 7’s designers incorporate lighting fixtures, motorized shading, and smart home controls into streamlined technology systems for their clients.

An understanding of architecture and space is essential to successfully incorporating these technologies into a residence, and System 7’s approach is more like an architect than a traditional integrator. Their team includes designers with backgrounds in architecture, lighting design, interior design, and electrical engineering, as well as product specialists from their Wolfers Lighting, Boston Shade Company, and Back Bay Shutter divisions. What ties this team together is a fascination with lighting, shading, 
and home technology, and the impact they have on a living environment.

To illustrate how these technologies can transform a space, System 7 has two Experience Centers in the Boston area: one in the Boston Design Center, and one in Wellesley center. In both locations, homeowners and design professionals can experience the full capabilities of today’s lighting and shading systems.

Ashley Jacobson, System 7’s VP of Design & Operations, says the key to understanding the technology is to experience it in person. “You’re immersed in what it’s like to use the technology rather than seeing it on a website or with a sample on a jobsite,” Jacobson says. “You can see the process of what happens when you press a button and the lights dim or the shades lower.”

From tunable spectrum lighting to motorized shading with bespoke fabrics, the focus at each Experience Center is on the marvels of today’s lighting, shading, and home technology systems. They’re places to spark inspiration and help clients imagine what these systems might be like in their own homes. “Everyone deserves good technology design,” Jacobson concludes. “We’re proud that we can help our clients choose technology they will love.”

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