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Masters of Design: Peter Sachs Architect

Peter Sachs Architect

Peter Sachs Architect

Peter Sachs has worked as a principal in his own award-winning firm for 30 years. With a focus on custom residential renovation, the firm’s team of six has developed remarkable projects throughout the Boston metropolitan west. Sachs worked as a framing carpenter during his college summers, which sparked an inspiration to explore architecture as a future career. This led him to earn his Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania. His invaluable experience in the carpenting world fostered a deep connection to the construction process, solidifying his commitment to adhering to budgets while providing stellar aesthetics.


The firm specializes in solving problems in existing homes. Whether designing brand new residences or reimagining an existing home, the firm is always mindful of a home’s intrinsic nature. Blending contemporary and eclectic design qualities, the old and the new are synthesized in innovative ways to express the unique qualities of each design. A seamless integration of interior spaces with the outdoors gives unity to each project. Sachs maintains a quality list of trusted interior and landscape designers and works with a finite number of builders, a few of whom he has worked with for over 25 years.

A team approach is a recipe for success for the firm, and that includes establishing trust and frequent communication with each and every client. The firm is cost conscious and hands-on, with frequent meetings and discussions fostering an abundant stream of communication with clients throughout the entirety of each project. The firm offers 3D modeling services in SketchUp and Lumion that act as a tool to allow clients to visualize their new home before construction starts. With extensive experience and passion for great design, Peter Sachs invigorates his projects with ingenuity, aesthetic beauty, and logistical excellence.

Peter Sachs ArchitectPeter Sachs ArchitectPeter Sachs ArchitectPeter Sachs ArchitectPeter Sachs ArchitectPeter Sachs ArchitectPeter Sachs ArchitectPeter Sachs ArchitectPeter Sachs Architect


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