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Martha’s Vineyard Home Celebrates Modular Symmetry and Clean Lines

Valle Group_Editorial. Exterior Front of House. Photography by Bob Gothard Architectural Photographer.

When envisioning her Martha’s Vineyard dream home, Molly Valle was drawn to symmetry and clean lines, linear building and modular designs. She and her fiancé owned three acres in Edgartown and planned to build a yearround home that would complement the striking natural landscape, without being an overwhelming presence.

The couple worked with Molly’s brother, Christian Valle, and her parents, Joe and Joan Valle, all three of whom run the Valle Group, a well known custom home builder on Cape Cod, to create a sleek, understated, familyfriendly home. The structure is reminiscent of a row of four interconnected cottages, with classic gables, woven corner cedar siding and white oak flooring throughout. Every inch of the house is purposeful, unfussy, warm and inviting.

Valle Group_Editorial. Master Bedroom. Photography by Bob Gothard Architectural Photographer.

“It’s not a home where you have to take your shoes off, I wanted it to feel spacious, yet intimate and comfortable.” - Molly Valle

Valle credits architect Dann Norris Batting and Valle Group project manager Justin Spurr for delivering a home that aligned with her vision without sacrificing form or function. At under 2100 square feet, the footprint is relatively small, but efficient, while lending itself well to future expansion. The couple designed outward instead of upward, making use of their stretch of land and keeping the house at one level, with the exception of one loft space.

Valle Group_Editorial. Staircase. Photography by Bob Gothard Architectural Photographer.

The home was carefully positioned to face SSW to make the most of the golden afternoon light. “Natural light was probably the most important thing for me,” Valle says. “We spent a lot of time walking around the lot at different times of the day to choose the ideal placement.” Large banks of glass let sunlight stream in and bring expansive views of the landscape inside. The kitchen was built as the star of the show, and it’s truly spectacular, with an easy flow, plenty of seating and arguably the best views in the house.

Valle Group_Editorial. Kitchen. Photography by Bob Gothard Architectural Photographer.

As a result of the collaboration with her mother, who is also an interior designer, there is a strong Scandinavian influence in the interior, seen in soft neutrals, streamlined functionality and warm white walls. But color is also a key element, mixed thoughtfully with sumptuous textures, small playful touches and consignment-shop finds. Tucked in a sunny nook of the kitchen is a soft, sienna-colored couch, where family and friends can lounge and have morning coffee.

Valle Group_Editorial. Sitting Room. Photography by Bob Gothard Architectural Photographer.

It’s these details that make this home a place for peaceful reflection. The open layout manages to provide private sanctuary spaces and gathering spots for small groups. The wood-burning fireplace is a favorite spot during the winter and, in summer, it’s the fire pit in the backyard, set against the sounds of bullfrogs and breezes through the field of wildflowers.

Valle Group_Editorial. Exterior Back of House. Photography by Bob Gothard Architectural Photographer.


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