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Lynch Landscape: A Design-Build Firm Born from Quality Local Service

Outdoor patio with luscious landscape and stone grill and fireplace

(Photographer: Chris Majors, CM Images, LLC)

You may recognize Lynch Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. from their force of blue vehicles with signature white logo in and around the MetroWest area or have experienced their top-notch landscape, tree, and irrigation services as a client firsthand. However, you may not be aware that Lynch Landscape & Tree Service has quietly been designing and constructing some of the best landscape spaces with a team of talented and dedicated design-build members led by CJ Read, Design Division Manager. From the moment you make your initial call, through the design phase, construction, completion, and ongoing maintenance, Lynch Landscape is committed to being your all-in-one solution. This approach fosters long-term client relationships that endure for years to come.

Lynch Landscape’s design-build process begins with an initial call, during which they delve into the client's desires, needs, and dreams for their new landscape. Clients are asked to envision how they will use the space, what they hope to achieve with the project, and their desired timeline. Tamy Tiongson, Design and Fine Gardening Operations Manager explains, ''The first thing I ask them is, ‘How do you envision using this space?’ The answer can vary greatly, as a family with five active children will have different requirements than a retired couple who are empty nesters." Understanding the client's space needs is crucial during the consultation stage of the process.

Ariel view of pool and patio area

(Photographer: Chris Majors, CM Images, LLC)

Next, the project is extensively discussed with Lynch Landscape’s in-house designers. The intentions of the space, its aesthetic, the site conditions, the timeline, and other key factors are thoroughly examined to ensure that the designer assigned to the project aligns with the client's goals and thought process. "We like to make sure that you're paired with a designer who will perfectly match your overall goals and thought process," says Tiongson.

As a complete design-build firm, clients have a smart alternative with Lynch Landscape versus hiring a third-party landscape architect, to minimize the need for redesigns or recalibrations. "There's a significant benefit not just in terms of cost savings but also in engagement,” Tiongson says. “Each of these projects is important to our designers. They invest hours in measurements, sourcing the right materials, and ensuring everything works harmoniously."

Setting expectations is the next step of Lynch Landscape’s design-build process. The designer assigned to the project conducts a site visit, walking through the property, taking measurements, and discussing what can be done based on the client's wants and needs. By establishing clear expectations early on, clients can decide whether to proceed with the design phase. Tiongson emphasizes the importance of transparency, stating, "We believe in being upfront and transparent from the beginning because that's a crucial part of building trust."

Pool lined with luscious landscape and a stone fireplace

(Photographer: Chris Majors, CM Images, LLC)

Designing a landscape - especially on a large scale - can feel overwhelming. Lynch Landscape is here to simplify the process. For significant projects, Lynch provides a 3D rendering and a formal presentation, offering a clear vision of how your home's landscape will look. Once everything is finalized, the sourcing of materials begins, and the client's project is set into motion. Every person involved in the project is a team member of Lynch Landscape. 

The simplicity continues as you move into the construction phase. You will meet with your dedicated construction manager, who understands the intimate nature of the process. "You're letting people onto your property. Most of our projects extend beyond a week and span months,” says Tiongson. “It's important for our clients to know the familiar faces showing up." Throughout the construction process, you will consistently work with the same crew, which highlights Lynch Landscape’s emphasis on cohesion and familiarity to eliminate uncertainties.

Outdoor seating area that overlooks the pool 

Once construction is completed and you witness your landscape vision transformed from mere thoughts to a 3D rendering and ultimately into real life, Lynch Landscape remains by your side. The project designer will introduce your landscape maintenance representative, and together you will discuss how you want your land to look years after the transformation. Whether its ongoing maintenance provided by Lynch Landscape or guidance on how to tend to it yourself, they ensure that your landscape and investment are well cared for.

“We like to be involved throughout the process,” says Tiongson. From start to finish, Lynch Landscape is all in, with many points of contact available, ready, and willing to assist with all facets of your project. Whether you have a design related question, or a logistical inquiry, Lynch Landscape’s reputation for high-quality, local service extends throughout the firm.


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