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Functional and Fabulous Range Hoods

venegas and company, range hoods

A range hood is a natural centerpiece in the kitchen, so why not make it fabulous? With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials available, range hoods are the perfect opportunity to make a stylish statement. Whether designed to blend into the backsplash, or set up to stand out, an amazing range hood can create an incredible vibe in the kitchen. Read on to see some of our favorites!

Venegas and Company

This kitchen hood makes a statement with its swoon-worthy metallic brass finish and striking shape. It truly serves as a piece of art. To create balance, a similar temperature metal is featured in the outline of cabinetry doors and drawers. Drawing the eye in and up, this hood pairs perfectly with the equally stunning kitchen range and furnishings.

(Kitchen Design: Venegas and Company, Photography: Michael J. Lee)

To highlight surrounding elements, opting for a linear hood is an excellent choice. In this cooking enclave, the focal point is undoubtedly the stone! This hood features an ebony veneer that is strategically angled to minimize its visual presence, drawing the eye towards vibrant pops of color in the artwork and fabrics.

(Kitchen Design: Venegas and Company, Photography: Michael J. Lee, Interior Design: Ana Donohue Interiors)

This kitchen hood serves many purposes, featuring an articulating panel that cleverly conceals a TV. With limited options for placing a TV in this kitchen, integrating it within the hood’s structure is an innovative solution. The hood itself is constructed from blackened stainless steel with a sleek orbital wax finish.

venegas and company, range hoods(Kitchen Design: Venegas and Company, Photography: Trent Bell, Interior Design: Hacin + Associates)    

First Class Marble & Granite

This Corchia Gold porcelain range hood blends beautifully with a matching full height backsplash, countertops, island, and fireplace surround. To achieve a seamless look with lots of stone surfaces, porcelain is an excellent choice. Not only is it durable, but it is also lightweight, non-porous, stain proof, and high heat resistant, which allows it to be used in a wide range of applications.

First Class Marble and Granite, Porcelain Range Hood

First Class Marble and Granite, Porcelain Range Hood(First Class Marble & Granite)

This range hood blends seamlessly into an equally stunning backdrop. Smooth and sleek, the range hood, backsplash, and countertops are made from Ultra Quartz Havana. Quartz is an excellent option for all things kitchen, as it is both abundant and durable. There are also so many variations to choose from to achieve the dream look. 

First Class Marble and Granite, Quartz Range Hood

First Class Marble and Granite, Quartz Range Hood

(First Class Marble & Granite)


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