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BDG Holiday Table Setting Challenge: Photos Submitted

The BDG Holiday Table Setting Challenge is in action as holiday parties and dinner gatherings are filling up the calendar. For the holiday season, we are asking readers to submit their table settings for the opportunity to be featured on BDinG Blog.

Here are some great inspirational (and informative) table settings from our readers:

Holiday Table Setting

holiday table setting

Thank you, Elle Woeller @ Summerland Homes and Gardens, for sending us these two pictures (shown above) of your table setting! We love how you replaced the white table top with a distressed natural wood top and used two wicker chairs to change up the seating arrangements. The natural look mixes perfectly with the light blue and white colors.

How to properly set a table

Thank you @isenbergprojects for tweeting us this informational image of how to properly set a table! (Any takers on using this layout for your next table setting?? We'd love to see a reader try this out.)


Get your table setting featured on BDinG Blog by sharing your photos with us via social media or e-mail them to

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