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10 Adorable Nurseries

If you have the space in your home, a baby nursery is a wonderful way to create a room for your child that is comfortable and safe, and also allows you an opportunity to be creative and fun. 

Nurseries don't have to be childish. If you're adapting an existing room in your house, or just want a space with a little more style, take some inspiration from the French-inspired nursery below. An ornate carpet and marble fireplace become child-friendly with the addition of a stuffed animal giraffe, a tea set, a furry rug, and a crib. Charming details throughout the room like the pink ribbons on the mini lamp shades and pink wall art help keep the room young and fun. 

10 Adorable Nurseries

Kristin Ashley Interiors

On the flip side, a nursery doesn't have to be super elaborate. The space below keeps it simple with a neutral palette and accents that can grow with the child - an armchair and ottoman, a hanging canopy, and a whimsical chandelier. These elements won't feel outdated for a long time, and can be used in the child's room as she ages, or in another part of the home. 

Lori Gentile Interior Design

A similar apparoch is taken with the gender-neutral nursery room below. The space is big enough to be used as a playroom or child's bedroom long after the baby has outgrown the crib. The space is also infused with natural light from the two thougtfully placed windows, and can thus double as a reading or work room for parents when the kids are at school.

ZeroEnergy Design

The light and bright nursery below is equal parts playful and comfortable. An adorable animal theme is established with the fun wall decals, framed wall art, and numerous stuffed animals stationed around the room. A large couch provides a space for parents to relax while the baby sleeps or plays. 

Weatherill Interiors

The lovely nursery below is a calming space with a neutral palette. The billowing folds of fabric that cover the ceiling and wall make the space feel comfortable and warm, and provide the perfect place for a baby or young child to play. 


This nursery's neutral palette gets a fun update in the form of an "airplane theme." A recessed ceiling with painted clouds makes the space feel serene, while airplane accents around the room - like the wall art and toy plane - keep the room on-theme.

10 Adorable Nurseries

Dahlia Design, Alan Goldstein Photography

If going all out is more your style, the "Peter Rabbit" themed nursery below is a beautiful take on a classic children's book. An elaborately painted mural brings the story to life, creating a beautiful room to escape to when spending time with your baby or young child. 

10 Adorable Nurseries

Decorating Den Interiors

If you've settled on creating a nursery with a decidedly girly feel, the nursery below provides perfect inspiration. The light lilac wall color complements the pink and purple armchairs and ottomans. A white hanging canopy gives the space a princess feel, as do colorful butterflies hanging from the ceiling. 

10 Adorable Nurseries

Annette Tatum

On the other hand, if blue is more your hue, think cooling tones as in the nursery below. A wonderfully realistic cloudscape on the ceiling transforms this room into something truly special, and simple accents throughout the room promise that the space can be used and transformed as the child grows.

Amy Sklar Design, Inc

Finally, this last nursery is equal parts simple, elegant, and cozy. Soft shades of ivory and pink adorn the space, while a furry rug and plush ottoman add stylish comfort. 

Michele Bitter Designs, Allison Bitter Photography

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